Team teaching is a great teaching skill that does not only motivate our teachers and learners but also enhances sharing of knowledge and skills. 

Come and learn from the wisdom of our teachers whose vocation to teach is a deep calling that teaching with less teaching aid and poor pay has not knocked them out of the profession.

Bring us unique skills and understanding of how we can make teaching much better and enjoyable by joining our team teaching learning experience.

In Uganda, government has reached its teaching ceiling and rarely carries out further recruitment.

Besides, the challenging times in post conflict northern Uganda discourages many teachers from taking up placements in rural places yet there is a high population influx with most of the youths becoming parents between 17-20 yrs old.

Your volunteer effort is a great boost to the few teachers placed in the rural areas and of great support to access to education for every child.

  • Team teaching of English, Maths and other core subjects (like Music, Dance and drama) 4 – 12 weeks
  • Live in a volunteer home or hostel and work alongside local people
  • Make a genuine and worthwhile difference and boost your CV

Team Teaching Guide

  • Assist a local teacher, work together to draw lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Take the Opportunity to take your own classes after a months team teaching experience
  • Team preparation to organize laboratory experiments
  • Organize extra curricular activities and be apart of the school
  • Plan periodic workshops to analyze lessons learn in team teaching experience