During the conflict there was a total break down of health service delivery in northern Uganda. At this reconstruction timing, government with the support of civil society organizations are struggling to place enough nurses in every health unit in the sub county.

Most of the nurses are demotivated because of their work conditions yet there  is a continue outbreak of epidemics like nodding diseases syndrome, hepatitis and the continuous challenge of HIV/AIDS that overwhelms our nurses.

There is an increase in maternal health related challenges because of inadequate pre-natal and post natal care.

Our focus is in supporting the maternal reproductive health to save more lives and ensure more safe deliveries in rural communities.

We also have research interest in Nodding disease and encourage students and researchers to volunteer their time to inform how our communities can deal with such challenges.

PVI Uganda will work in partnership with our health and safety department to identify hospitals and health centers as work placements for volunteers to team our nurses with volunteers to share experience and skills.

Periodically, they will carry out workshops to learn and share experiences gained during their time. This will also be the opportunity to have motivational speeches to keep the moral and motivation to serve.