Have you ever used the statement,”If I were not humble, I would have…” Certainly, you are not humble.Humble people never speak of their humility. This were the words of my spiritual mentor.

So does your conscience tell you; humility is the obstacle to your promotion?Is your pride limiting you from Happiness?

A few days ago, a friend shared his experience at a guesthouse with me.

He was at an extremely beautiful and clean guesthouse. At the guest house, you are expected to leave your shoes by the door.

And so, Apostle Amos a “great man of God”as he was called; would not as he was accompanied by escorts. Even when asked, he took offence and made noise accusing custodians of lack of respect and so he was ignored and he had it his way.

He had come for a regional conference which was his break through moment in the region.

Unfortunately, when it was time for the conference; his car got stuck in the mud as it rained. He kept waiting for the rain that would not end. It rained for hours and so he missed out on the program.

The only car packed was for the guesthouse and since he was unpleasant to the custodians, he could not see himself asking for a ride.

The next day as he signed off from the room, he was asked to sign a mandatory form detailing expectations from the house; which he had ignored the previous day.This was a security arrangement for all guests.

He noted on the sub heading Transport, that the guest house offers free transport to its guest who are in need.

He felt sad, he didn’t request even when he thought about it. He had missed out on a conference he had taken flights to attend and make his break through.

He regretted not taking off his shoes. It would have been easier to ask for a lift. What pained him most is that he had to refund flight cost since he didn’t show up at the conference.

He turned to the custodian and apologized for his conduct last night and asked to be pardoned. He had learnt a humility lesson.

As John Ruskin would say,” I believe the first test of a truly great man is in his humility”. We are not great men of God but men of a great God. Break the jinks limiting you and prosperity by keeping humble.