PVI Uganda is a Community Based Organization registered with Gulu District Local Government Community Service Department(Reg. No 5045) as a Social Enterprise.

We are committed in identifying local community volunteer needs and identifying passionate volunteers to address these local needs.

We support volunteers to find work placements and home placements that suits their volunteer interest to offer service.

PVI Uganda also researches tours and travels basic information needs and partners with local Travels and Tours companies within the northern region to enable volunteers passionate about touring to have the right information and make the right decision to enjoy their time while in Northern Uganda.

Vision: A Transformed Community through Voluntary Action

Mission: To Make Every Community Member a Volunteer


  • To provide opportunity for young people to learn, grow, gain experience & identify their careers
  • To provide a platform for young volunteers to utilize knowledge, talents & skills to enrich themselves and be the best they can become.
  • To promote and protect our culture through our cultural exchange program and cultural tourism 
  • To promote the culture of voluntary service with a view of reinforcing young people’s solidarity and engagement as active citizens
  • To collaborate and form partnerships with local and national organizations, government and international organizations in order to meet volunteering needs in our community.

Why Partners and Volunteers Initiative Uganda(PVI Ug)?

PVI Ug is the only local volunteer service community based organization based in Gulu and focused on serving children and youths.

PVI Uganda has been in existence since 2013 and prides itself of a vast network of friends and partnerships in Northern Uganda.

As a local volunteer service agency, we have the best understanding of the local situation and rates and therefore offer you the best rates and most efficient means possible.

If you volunteer with PVI Uganda, not only will you be directly supporting local community initiatives but also supporting our local volunteers to learn and experience the values of voluntarism and enabling them get involved in their local affairs.

PVI Uganda also offers its volunteers a free one week local language and cultural tutorial program for its volunteers to enhance easy acceptance and involvement by the local community.

Our full time support staff who are well known in the community and well connected with the leadership, safety and security departments of the community will make your stay worthwhile.

Also, we have a very flexible program and you can volunteer with us from one week to a full year and you decide how much time you can commit.